Associated Mining Construction Inc. (AMC) is committed to the protection of the environment and to ensure that our operations and personnel create no significant permanent negative impact to the environment. There is no task that cannot be done in an environmentally responsible manner and AMC is committed to ensuring this philosophy is implemented at all our operations.

All AMC projects are planned and carried out with strict adherence to government guidelines. In addition, AMC follows the specific requirements of the client and their policies and procedures.

Employees and sub contractors at every level are accountable and responsible for ensuring all standards are met. Complete and active participation by everyone, every day, in every job is necessary for the environmental excellence the company expects. Management supports coordination of environmental protection amongst all workers at the job.

Management supports participation in environmental protection by all employees and provides proper equipment, training and procedures. Employees are responsible for following all procedures, working responsibly and, wherever possible, improving environmental protection measures.

No negative environmental impact is our goal. By following policies, procedures and government standards as well as due diligence, we can accomplish this.

Roy Durr