Shaft Sinking

The shafts will need to be sunk to a depth of approximately 1100m below surface into the Prairie Evaporates. Because of the soluble nature of evaporates, it is absolutely essential for a potash mine to limit and control the water inflows. As overlaying water-sealing strata naturally protect the ore body, the mineshaft, which punctures through these, represents a point of concern to the operation in terms of potential water inflows.

To design a suitable freeze wall and shaft liner, a pilot hole will be drilled in the centre of the shaft to determine the exact formation locations and the properties of the surrounding rock.

Since the hydrostatic pressure increases with depth the liner type, thickness and strength will vary with depth.

New contemplated design of composite lining.Typical design of composite lining.Typical Tubbing lining design.


From left to right:
New contemplated design of composite lining.
Typical design of composite lining.
Typical Tubbing lining design.